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OP CRYPT: Bloomsbury, Milford, NJ / Nov 1st, 2014


Bloomsbury / MILFORD, NJ NOV 1, 2014

Registration WALK-ON ONLY

Paypal Registration Closed

Ground Zero Airsoft USA is starting to pack up for this event. If you guys want anything specific, please let us know before NOON, Friday October 31st. That is our depart date. We have over 120 AEGs and 110 pistols in stock. We can't bring them all, but will bring a few and any requests. We offer excellent prices and will work with you to make you happy with your purchase. For the basics, we will have: - BIO BBs (required for this event)- Biovals, G&G, and Elite Force - Green Gas - Mesh Masks - Flashlights - Mid cap Mags (required for this event)- KWA and MAG - Speed Loaders- M4 style- KWA and Dboys brands - Batteries and Chargers - Optics - Pistol mags- Green Gas and CO2 (pre-order/requests only) - And a few other products We are looking forward to attending this event. We have worked closely with MSATO in the past and these events are top notch. You will not be disappointed. Again... please let us know if you want us to bring anything specific. Send me a message or call the store @ 203 879 7766


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