Tom "Crossfire" O’Rourke



Over the last 12+ years Tom has taken his passion playing in

Military Simulation (MILSIM)/Airsoft events and turned it into

organized over 70 regional events ranging in size from

50 to 500+ participants in the Northeast.  He organized many

National Level events – including Operation Pine Plains 1-4 and

Operation Climb to Glory at the US Army base at Fort Drum,

New York, which became some of the premier MILSIM/Airsoft

events in North America. 


Tom continues to raise the bar for MilSim.  In 2014, Tom gained access to new venues that have never been used before for Military Simulation. These real world style AO (Areas of Operations) included a 28 acre abandoned chemical facility in MA and arguably one of the best locations ever used; a decommissioned

Nuclear Power Plant in New York.


Tom has over twenty-five years experience in corporate operations, logistics, sales and marketing.  Tom worked for a Fortune 500 company for over 17 years.  During his 10+ years at the management level the local area grew from a $5 million area to over $40+ million in annual sales.  After leaving Tom started his own consulting company.  He has handled everything from contract negotiations, logistics and inventory control to project management tasks.


Tom has used his corporate experiences to bring events from the local level to national level.  His organization skills and broad understanding of operations and logistics helped create top-level events. Tom brings his skills in sales, marketing, administrative and logistical tasks of event management: website design, online participant registration and payment, insurance, release and hold harmless agreements, security screening, transportation, vehicles, meals, water, housing, sanitation, simulators, payroll and many others.  He is the principle technical advisor on MILSIM/Airsoft weapons and equipment. 


Tom was a founder of Cohorts Entertainment and Events in 2011 and helped design and structure a Joint Venture with Spartan Race in 2012.  Under Cohorts Events, Tom helped created the “Spartan Crucible” and worked closely with Joe DeSena, the founder and CEO of Spartan Race. 










A major part of the joint venture with Spartan Race was to create a new arena for the Modern Spartan. This included a first for airsoft, with an obstacle course that required participants to shoot at targets with airsoft rifles while navigating obstacles.  Tom was one of the designers of this wireless, timed targeting system. 
















In 2014, Tom came back to running MilSim events.  It was an exciting year and a sad year with the passing of his friend, “Brother” and MSATO Co-Founder “Casca”.  Tom will keep the concept alive and has reached out to former military advisors like Jeff Froelich who has worked with MSATO since the first OPP-I at Fort Drum.  In 2014, Casca brought in his brother RAM who has excellent experience and military background.  RAM will help continue the tradition Casca started.


In January 2015, Tom was able to get former Delta Force Operator Dale Comstock to come on board as a Commanding Officer for OP DEFCON: Winter Warrior.  MSATO is excited about being able to work with Dale on future Ops and possible training exercises as MilSim grows.  
















Tom is not just and organizer but a player. 

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