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Tom "Crossfire" O’Rourke


Tom has over twenty-five years experience in corporate operations, logistics, sales and marketing.

He worked for a Fortune 400 company for over 17 years.  During his 10-years at the management

level the local area grew from a $5 million area to over $40 million in annual sales.  After leaving Tom started his own Medical Device consulting company (Joint Consulting Services, LLC) and an Event Production company (MSATO, LLC) specializing in Military Simulations (MilSim).  He has handled everything from contract negotiations, logistics and inventory control to project management tasks.


Over the last 15 years Tom has taken his passion for event management and organized over 250 regional MilSim events ranging in size from 50 to 500+ participants in the Northeast.  He has organized National events – including Operation Pine Plains and Operation Climb to Glory at the US Army base at Fort Drum, New York, which became the premier event in North America.


Tom has used his corporate experiences to bring events from the local level to national level.  His organization skills and broad understanding of operations and logistics helped create top-level events. Tom brings his skills in sales, marketing, administrative and logistical tasks of event management: website design, online participant registration and payment, insurance, release and hold harmless agreements, security screening, transportation, vehicles, meals, water, housing, sanitation, simulators, payroll and many others.


Tom was a founder of Cohorts Entertainment and Events in 2011 and helped design and structure a Joint Venture with Spartan Race in 2012.  Under Cohorts Events, Tom helped created the “Spartan Crucible” and worked closely with Joe DeSena, the founder and CEO of Spartan Race.




As part of the Joint Venture, Tom consulted and interacted with all levels of the Spartan Race management team. Tom worked with Spartan’s merchandise and procurement team leader as well as the graphic design team on merchandise, logo and banner designs and styles. Tom also worked with each of the Spartan Race managers on setup and locations as well as Festival Area managers.  A major part of the joint venture with Spartan Race was to create a new arena for the Modern Spartan. Tom consulted on how to enhance the Spartan Festival Area




During the past 5 years Tom has concentrated on buidling up MSATO, LLC.  his Military Simulation event production company.  It is now the predominate MilSim Event Production Company in the northeast and spreading to other areas of the country.


Over the last few years MSATO, LLC has achieved double digit growth each year.  

In 2017, 61% of attendees were new customers.


Tom has maintaining excellent customer loyalty.  On a recent event customer review survey, MSATO, LLC received an over 35% response rate and 100% of respondant replied that they would attend another MSATO, LLC event.


On the entertainment side, Tom has been active with writing and producting pilot projects.  He recently signed on as Executive Producer on “The Find”, an independent movie being filmed in Connecticut.  Tom has several film projects and two scripted series in development with Producer David Gere.  On the non-scripted side Tom has Tier One Championship / Modern Combay Warriors that are being re-developed as part of “Video games come to life”.


On the originally scripted organized crime series project COHORTS, Tom is partenered with Christopher Scorsese (nephew of famed director Martin Scorsese).  As the main writer on the series, Tom worked directly with Author Nick Pileggi, well known for his book “Wiseguys” which was turned in the film Goodfellas and the film “Casino”.  

Tom has partnered with Rob Willis and Steve Sergio to create and write an originally scripted series “Treachery” about the never told true stories revoling around the most famous or as some may say infamous night club in New York in the 1990’s, Scorse Gentlemens Club.   Steve was the rogue mob guy who took control of Scores right from the opening day.  These never before told stories will give new insite into the criminal going ons of the hot spot of the rich and famous and the behind the scene treachery of some of the most notorious mafia figures of the time.





Additionally Tom has taken on becoming the

President of the Board of Directors for the

Military Expereince Museum, Inc.   It is a new style interactive museum coming to Connecticut.


Tom has taken his love of History, skills as a manager, his drive of being an entrepreneur and is combining them to create an unmatch Military Experience Museum.


The museum will educate visitors through displays inside the museum as well as the recreations of military battlefields, bases and training sites.  These will cover the eras from World War II to the current military conflicts.


With Tom’s entertainment connections, the museum will create documentary level interviews with veterans from different conflicts the United States has been involved in since World War II.  Many of the veterans have already agreed to donate or provide artifacts they have collected to the museum for display.  In the interviews the veterans will talk about the significance of the items.  These displays and interviews will be updated on a regular basis allowing visitors to have a new experience evertime they come to the museum.  These interviews will be played on video monitors inside the museum as well as on the museum website.


As the President of the Board of Directors Tom has built and incredible Board of Military Advisors.  He continues to seek out more people who have the same passion to preserve history and veterans willing to share their experiences.
















Scorsese Dec 2016 Silence premiere party
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Tom participating in Vietnam era reenactment

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