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Operation Oqab  (Adler) / (Eagle)

Actual dates of the military operation:

18 July 2009 to 28 July 2009


MSATO MilSim Operation Condor will be an introductory Military Simulation event held at a local field.  For those looking for more mission oriented events this is great way to get involved.  New players or seasoned players are all welcome. 

The Op will have a scenario very loosely based off a real military Operations.  The missions are created by MSATO to give players a military based feel to the event.


Operation Adler (Eagle) was the name of a major German-led operation in Afghanistan.

The operation began on 18 July 2009 thru 28 July 2009


Coalition Forces (Mulitcam/Tan/ Desert [yellow tape]) vs 

“Guerilla Force” Freedom Fighters (Green/ Black,  Woodland [green tape])


This will multiple-mission Op.

Guerilla Forces 

Coalition Forces 


Time:  0900-1700

AO:     WarZone

            320 Shermantown Road

            Saunderstown, RI 02974


Warzone is a 35 acre wood field with multiple bases and fire roads for vehicles.

The bases range from small village outposts (5+ structures) to a large village (25+ structures).

Varied terrain with small rolling hills.


Pre-registration $40 at (non-refundable if you can’t make it)


Pay at the gate:  $50


First 100 paid get Op Patch.


If you are wearing an approved Desert or Woodland uniform you are not required to wear colored tape, all others will have colored tape to ID which team you are on.


Modified Medic rule will be in place.  Players can heal each other after 5 minutes dead.

Using Hitstick or MSATO will provide red-rope for wounded rule.


We are interested in 1 or 2 military vehicles for Coalition Forces.

We may consider 1 technical vehicle for Freedom Fighters.

MSATO Vehicle rules would be in place and will require the TAGinn Paladin (chalk) rounds to take our vehicles.

Op Adler
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