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This magnet-locking flexible waist belt is the most comfortable solution to keep your pants in their place. It won't restrict you either while driving, crawling, or after a good meal.

In order to lock the belt, you simply set both parts of the buckle together, and the magnet will do the rest.


The TAGinn Flexi-Belt may be used as an everyday accessory, or as a tactical belt. Despite the fact that the belt is flexible, you may put all your regular tactical loadout exactly like on any other leather or webbing tactical belts.


There are  3 colors (invisible in NVG) – Black, Tan, and Olive.

Belts are easily adjustable, and come in 2 sizes – M – up to 100 cm and L – up to 110cm.

TAGinn Flex Belt TAN.(Med)

$52.00 Regular Price
$39.00Sale Price
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