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Taginn Airsoft Grenade SHELL

This shell uses CO2 fill.  More distance, better in cold weather.

1 “Shell- Multi-Range – packed in a small carton box.


So, you are an advanced TAGinn products user.

Now, with Shell Multi-Range, you can have a full control of the shot’s trajectory.
Shell Multi-Range letting you to set an exact distance of the shot, by increasing or decreasing its power.
Just set the power from 1 to 5 before loading the shell with CO2 or 850 HPA gas, and hit your target for sure using your skills and adjustable trajectory.



**Free Shipping on Non-Pyro items when total order is over $200**

Orders under $200 will receive a separate shipping invoice.

The invoice comes after the order so we can combine products and give you the best shipping rate.

**AIRSOFT** Launcher – “Shell - Multi Range”

Out of Stock
  • Product Must be used at Airsoft event only.

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