Location:        Shoreham Nuclear Power Plant (Decommissioned)

                        Long Island, NY        

Op Date:         SEPT 19-20, 2015    (2-Days)


Max # of participants:          180

Age Restriction:                     18+ event production (16-17yo with special permission)


CQB Mission Oriented Op






No Sniper Rifles for this OP. 


Medic Rule:    MSATO medic rope, see website for details.



OP DEFCON: MELTDOWN limited to 180 people


Pay by August 31, 2015     

Cost     $150   Paypal


Sept 1-16, 2015

Cost     $175  


MSATO collects an additional $5 Donation from all players when they register.

100% of all donations go directly to the LONE SURVIVOR FOUNDATION.


Proper ID required to get onto property. 

List of everyone coming onto property must be turned in no later then Sept 16, 2015. 



Op Date:         SEPT 19-20, 2015


Saturday:       0730- 0900   Gates open

                       0845               Must be in line to get on facility

                       0900               Gates closed

                                               (If miss 0900 closure, next option to get on property is 1100)

                       0730-0900     Registration at TOC (Warehouse)

                       0800-0900     Chrono


                       0900-1030     Company Command staff meeting with PL and SL

                                               Mission Planning and organization of Squads


MANDATORY 1030-1050   Formation Full Gear Safety Check

                                             Safety Briefing/ MUST Sign form that you were at Safety Meeting


                       1050-1100    Movement to StartEx          


                       1100-2000     Missions

                       2000-              EndEx –Day 1.          


Sunday          0700-0800    Gates Open to enter property

                       0830-1400    StartEx and Missions

                       1400              EndEx

                       1400- 1700   Production break down and clean up.


**IF YOU LEAVE for day you can NOT come back on property. 


**(New exception will be to go get HPA tanks filled at paintball field that is 10 minutes away)




This OP will be Mission oriented, which means you will work with your team and leadership to complete asked missions.  The overall theme of the missions will inter-connected through out the 2 days.


There will be some changes from OP DEFCON: Winter Warrior and Task Force Knight.

  • As long as players prove they are responsible we can open up the Reactor and Office Buildings. 

  • Plans are being put in place to move the battles inside on multiple levels. 

  • Missions will be spread out to allow players to see and have engagements in more areas of the facility.


This facility as stated is a fortress and there will be a lot of close combat, tight corners, grate floors, a true 360’ fighting environment.  This is a “real world” location, it was not designed as a play area for weekend airsofters.  There are choke points, there will be tough communication (lead inside concrete walls).  It also has many hazards, up to and including death if you do not obey the blocked off areas.  The tower is approx. 200’ high. 


Teams will work with their leadership to plan and execute their missions.  Completing these missions within the time constraints provided during the briefing.  Coordination during these planning periods will be vital because once you leave communication will be difficult.


Mission Planning (15-45min)

**Setup RADIO COMMS for ALL squads during this time period or before.

Mission Execution (2+ hours, including movement to starting location)

Mission AAR (15+ minutes)

Mission AAR, this is time with Team leadership and Event Staff to discuss the Good Bad issues.  Learn and improve!

Then move onto next mission….



This is for someone who wants to challenge themselves..

This is for someone who NEVER QUITS!

This is for someone who when times get tough, they figure out a way to succeed or at least go down trying!


This OP is NOT for the weekend airsofter who wants to play dress up and show off their cool gear.




This event production will be filmed. Cohorts Entertainment is working with a NYC production company to have a professional film crew on hand.  All participants must agree upon registering to be videoed.  We will not have capability to blur out individuals.  Most wear so much gear it is hard to recognize anyway







Hotels:    Approx 20 min away from site.


*Hotel we have used in the past:

Ramada Plaza

1730 North Ocean Avenue

Holtsville, NY 11742




Camping option near by:


Wildwood State Park

790 Hulse Landing Road
Wading River, NY 11792

Phone: (631) 929-4314



Camping: Unimproved sites: $15; Weekend nights: $19
Improved sites: $18; Weekend nights: $22
Trailer Sites with Utilities: $27; Weekend nights: $31

Reservation Fee: $9
Cancellation Fee: $9
Change Resv. Fee: $9
Walk-up Res. add: $2.75
Out-of-State Fee: $5


Vehicle Entrance Fee: $10 per car


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