OP CRYPT II: Resident Evil




“HEISENSTEIN PHARMACEUTICALS” an International pharmaceutical organization has set up secret operations in an abandoned Chemical Facility to do Bio-Cyrogenic research. The research they are doing at this facility is outside International Human Rights Bio-Health Ethical Guidelines. 


Dr Heisenstein has been reprimanded in the past and is currently being sought for questioning.  The Coalition Forces have sent in a force to detain Dr Heisenstein.  They have been instructed to search the facility and seize any evidence that shows the Doctor is violating Ethical guidelines.   There is circumstantial evidence that the Doctor has been doing human experimenting. 


HEISENSTEIN Pharmaceuticals is a highly profitable corporation that has been able to hire a corporate security force.  Dr Heisenstein put up some of his own funding to step up the quality of this force and has moved from corporate security to a MERCENARY FORCE.  This MERC FORCE has cut a deal with Dr Heisenstein that will allow them a backend financial deal that will make them millions if this Cryogenic Research works.


The MERC FORCE has agreed to help the Doctor with Human trials even though it will violate International Bio Health Guidelines.     



PLEASE READ FULL OPORD for all details regarding this Op.


Operational Order (Rules and Info)