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Kryn "Casca"

Our Brother Never Forgotten

July 28, 1969 -

              April 26, 2014



MSATO Co-Founder and Military Advisor


SO/LIC Specialist

(Special Operations / Low Intensity Conflict)


Kryn “Casca”

US Army, Chief Warrant Officer 2

He had 11 Deployments in 7 years

He most recently served with the 86th IBCT in Jericho, VT in an Intel capacity.


He joined the US Army in 1987 Units include:

Airborne Ranger in the 82nd Abn Division

Long Range Surveillance Detachment 

U.S. Army's Special Operations community


Numerous deployments to include:  

Central America, Europe, Iraq, Middle East & Afghanistan


Conducted Special Operations in:

Iraq         OEF      US Army                                          

Iraq         OIF       Private Military Contractor work                                                                                                                                                                            

Afghanistan        Private Military Contractor work                                  

Afghanistan        US Army                                                    


As a civilian he has served as a team leader for a Personal Security Detail (PSD)

contractor in the Middle East and Europe.  His primary specialty was low profile

close protection services for US government intelligence organizations in the region

with over twenty years in the field. 


He served in Afghanistan with CJTF-101 as the TF  Wolverine Liaison to the Combined

Joint Special Operations Task Force - Afghanistan as a Military Intelligence

Warrant Officer specializing in Clandestine Human Intelligence (HUMINT)

collection operations


He is a recognized author and subject matter expert in the Counter Insurgency and

Anti-Terrorism.  He has written for publications on the topic for several internationally

recognized organizations such as the National Tactical Officers Association.



Kryn speaking at the Lone Survivor Foundation

2014 Chicago  Gala

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