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The BUNKER historical background intel:


The Dayton Project was a research and development project to produce polonium during World War II, as part of the larger Manhattan Project to build the first atomic bombs. Work took place at several sites in and around Dayton, Ohio. Those working on the project were ultimately responsible for creating the polonium-based modulated neutron initiators which were used to begin the chain reactions in the atomic bombs.


The Dayton Project began in 1943 when Monsanto's Charles Allen Thomas was recruited by the Manhattan Project to coordinate the plutonium purification and production work being carried out at various sites. Scientists at the Los Alamos Laboratory calculated that a plutonium bomb would require a neutron initiator. The best-known neutron sources used radioactive polonium and beryllium, so Thomas undertook to produce polonium at Monsanto's laboratories in Dayton. While most Manhattan Project activity took place at remote locations, the Dayton Project was located in a populated, urban area. It ran from 1943 to 1949, when the Mound Laboratories were completed in nearby Miamisburg, Ohio, and the work moved there.


The Dayton Project developed techniques for extracting polonium from the lead dioxide ore in which it occurs naturally, and from bismuth targets that had been bombarded by neutrons in a nuclear reactor. Ultimately, polonium-based neutron initiators were used in both the gun-type Little Boy and the implosion-type Fat Man used in the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki respectively. The fact that polonium was used as an initiator was classified until the 1960s, but George Koval, a technician with the Manhattan Project's Special Engineer Detachment, penetrated the Dayton Project as a spy for the Soviet Union.


The original intention was to move operations to Oak Ridge, but it was decided that a site near Dayton was preferable and one was found in Miamisburg, about 12 mi from Dayton. The 72-hectare (178-acre) site was adjacent to a state park containing a large prehistoric Indian burial mound, which ultimately gave the Mound Laboratories their name. It was initially known as Unit V. The design called for an underground complex that could withstand a direct hit from a 910-kilogram (2,000 lb) bomb, with protection against biological and chemical weapons.



The BUNKER ComX missions:   Will be based roughly off the history of the Mound Laboratories.  

The BUNKER MilSim/ TacOP Production is designed to experience two perspectives of tactics in repetition to explore creativity and progression of GROUP capability. 


Combative Xperiment (COMX) Exercise BUNKER is allowing participants to gain experience in direct planning and execution of both assaulting and defending/ escaping an active area.   The LFOR (Large Force) will have a 2:1 size ratio for this exercise and will have repeatable opportunities to maneuver against SFOR (Small Force) who will be an outnumbered and less equipped position.  Participants will cycle through BOTH LFOR and SFOR positions during the event to practice opposing skill sets and techniques for successful intention.  The mission objectives for each FORCE are scaling in terms of complexity.



Each 2 Hour Cycle will give the combination of Groups to work to complete as many missions in order a possible.  Once Mission 1 is completed, LFOR and SMOR will immediately “RESET” to start positions and start the timer for Mission 2.  This progression of Mission continues as far as possible in the Cycle Time Limit.


You are receiving 10 hours of direct action with metered rest and reflection periods.  The approach is to have educated discussion and correction for actions and decisions as the scaling MISSIONS are undertaken.


Mission Date / Time Schedule*:            22-23 JUNE 2019

Friday                     June 21, 2019                         4:00 pm –  6:00 pm        (Staff time and Sign-in/Chrono)   


Saturday               June 22, 2019                         8:00 am –   9:00 am        (Sign-in & chrono)

                                                                                9:00 am – 10:00 am       (Safety Briefing)

                                                                               10:00 am – 11:00 am      (Mission Planning)

                                                                              11:00 am –   1:00 pm       (COMX Cycle 1)

                                                                                1:00 pm –   2:00 pm       (COMX AAR & Planning)


                                                                                2:00 pm –   4:00 pm       (COMX Cycle 2)

                                                                                4:00 pm –   5:00 pm       (Mission AAR & Planning)

                                                                                5:00 pm –   7:00 pm       (COMX Cycle 3)

                                                                                7:00 pm –   8:00 pm       (Mission AAR)


Sunday                   June 23, 2019                       8:00 am –   2:00 pm         (ComX)

                                                                               8:00 am –   8:30 am        (Safety Briefing, as needed)

                                                                               8:00 am –   9:00 am        (Mission Planning)

                                                                               9:00 am – 11:00 am       (COMX Cycle 4)

                                                                              11:00 am – 12:00 pm    (Mission AAR & Planning)

                                                                               12:00 pm –  2:00 pm       (COMX Cycle 5)

                                                                                 2:00 pm –  3:00 pm        (Mission AAR)

                                                                                                -   3:00pm       ENDEX

                                                                                3:00 pm –   5:00 pm       (Departure AO)


*Times schedule can be adjusted at staffs discretion.

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