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At Tolcom will be based off the overall mission of defeating the Taliban on their home ground. 

Specific missions will be provided day of Op and can changed based on the outcome of the previous OP.  This will be a fluid Op and it is never over until the end.


Saturday schedule:

Gate opens 8:00am

/ chrono 8-10

Mission planning and team assignment 1000 (10am)

Endex 1800 (6p)


Based on the number of people inyterested limited night Ops available


Free overnight camping available


Sunday schedule:

Gate opens 8:00am

/ chrono 8-10

Mission planning and team assignment 1000 (10am)

Endex 1700 (5p)



Preferred uniforms:

US: Desert Digital, DCU, or Mulitcam

Taliban: Woodland, "Haji" or civilain

Other uniforms acceptable and none required, but we may require colored tape to identify which team you are part of.



Operation Red Wings, informally referred to as the Battle of Abbas Ghar

(Afghan Op that the “Lone Survivor” movie was based off)


Actual dates: June 27, 2005 – mid-July 2005


A combined / joint military operation during the War in Afghanistan in the Pech District of Afghanistan's Kunar Province, on the slopes of a mountain named Sawtalo Sar, approximately 20 miles west of Kunar's provincial capital of Asadabad, in late June through mid-July 2005.  


Operation Red Wings was intended to disrupt local anti-coalition militia (ACM) activity.  At the time, anti-coalition militia activity in the region was carried out most notably by a small group led by a local man from Nangarhar Province, Ahmad Shah, who had aspirations of regional Islamic fundamentalist prominence. He and his small group were among the primary targets of the operation.

Red Wings was planned as a five-phase operation:

  • Phase 1: Shaping: A U.S. Navy SEAL reconnaissance and surveillance team is tasked to insert in the region of the suspected safe buildings of Ahmad Shah, observe and identify Shah and his men and specific locations, and guide a direct action team of phase two to structures in which Shah and his men are observed to be staying.

  • Phase 2: Action on the Objective: A SEAL direct action team is to insert by MH-47, followed shortly by Marines, to capture or kill Shah and his men.

  • Phase 3: Outer Cordon: Marines, along with Afghan National Army soldiers, are to sweep surrounding valleys for other suspected insurgents.

  • Phase 4: Security and Stabilization: In the days after the first three phases, U.S. Marines and Afghan National Army soldiers and U.S. Navy corpsmen will provide medical care to the local population and determine local needs, such as improved roads, wells, and schools.

  • Phase 5: Exfiltration: Depending on enemy activity, the Marines will remain in the area for up to one month, then depart the area.

While the Marines planned the overall operation, the SEALs planned the specifics of their roles of Red Wings

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