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M.S.A.T.O stands for Military Simulation And Tactical Operations

MSATO is a combination of Military tactics modified to work with Airsoft.  It is Military Simulation because it is a hybrid; taking real military tactics and at times real style military missions and adapting them to a production which uses airsoft guns as the tool to simulate real firearms. 


The concept for MSATO was started after Battle for Tolland 3.  As my cousin John (who is a retired US Army Major) and I sat in the bar at the local hotel he said "the guys look great but very few know any real tactics". 


I agreed that at the time there were only a few higher end teams that knew how to work together and had figured out how to adopt military tactics to airsoft.  I asked "Casca" a close friend of mine who had real combat experience and had played and used airsoft as a training tool to join us.  “Casca” was from the Special Operation community and saw the benefits of using airsoft for training when he was back from his overseas work. 


By combining John’s military training experience, Tom’s years of airsoft event running experience and actually playing airsoft and Casca’s combination of military and airsoft we felt we were ready to create a high level of Military Simulation And Tactical Operations experience for players.

In 2008 we decided to go “big time” with our own “National Level” Op.  The first OP PINE PLAINS is born. Between the 3 of us we are able to pull this Op off with 30 days notice and we get onto the MOUT site at Fort Drum, NY.  There were 90 of us at OPP 1 and the Pathfinder status for MSATO was created.  These are the only guys who can truly claim that status since they took the leap of faith and helped pave the way for MSATO.

As Op Pine Plans grew it truly became not only a Nation Op with players coming from over 30 states but International as well as the Canadians came down. 


MSATO has gone through some changes over the years but one thing that hasn’t changed is providing players with a high level Military Simulation experience.  In 2014 MSATO came back after a hiatus with four major Ops at some of the coolest real world style AOs ever used in the Northeast.


MSATO’s goal is to continue to bring excellent AOs and high level Ops to the MilSim Airsoft community.    


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